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Spitfire Intelligent Irrigators




You shift this machine half as often compared to equivalent rotary machines. The 50  metre wetted width means you irrigate 1.5 ha for each 15 minute set-up.


You get a measured amount of liquid applied to the pasture because the machine is governed and travels at the correct speed for the desired application. (8, 10, 12, 15, 20  to 25 mm). You simply toggle one selector button to achieve this.


The machine spreads water or effluent uniformly and shuts-off the flow at the end of travel so that it doesn't leave a big mess at the end of the run. It also shuts-off the flow if the machine hasn't moved along the paddock for a few minutes.

If you want to apply liquid more uniformly, in known amounts and with less labour, then this machine will manage it for you.
You would need two traditional travelling irrigators and two trolley monitors to cover the same ground safely as just one Spitfire Intelligent Irrigator!





  • Spreading   width


  • Application   depth (mm)


  • Travel   distance (m)

300 –   350

  • Height


  • Width


  • Length

8m over   boom

  • Weight


  • Max   Pressure


  • Max   Flow rate

22 m3/hr

  • Max   Draghose (dia)

63 OD x 200 m long


What is new?

This year (2014) we have created the simplest winch you have ever seen. Similar to a yacht winch where you just wind the rope around a drum - but different...

If you used a single drum you would always wind twists into the rope as it was recovered, and every time you used the machine, you'd add 4 more twists.

We have invented a twin drum capstan where you wind two turns on to the first drum (clockwise), and two turns on to the second drum (counter-clockwise). Thus the twists cancel themselves out and the rope winds into the rope canister twist-free.



588_IMAG0466    588_IMAG0468


The time for guesswork is over. Click here for further information VSR Flyer.pdf


Remember that you should always monitor soil moisture before you irrigate - if the soil is dry it can hold more water or effluent; if it is wet, you shouldn't be irrigating.



Talk to Alastair at Frizzell Ltd He has some very useful little moisture indicators. You could also spreak with Peter Munn at  They make weather stations, with soil moisture monitors that download direct to the farm computer.













Designed & Manufactured in New ZealandContact Spitfire: 04 586