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Spitfire Effluent Manager (EM)


The Effluent Manager (EM) is just like having another assistant on your farm dedicated to watching over the effluent irrigation system.


It is an intelligent controller that provides painless effluent management for modern travelling irrigators, pods and progressive cavity pumps.


It Controls, Monitors, Safeguards, and Logs vital information.


Why Spitfire EM?

  • It assists in compliance with dairy effluent regulations and helps to ensure Farm Dairy Effluent best practice standards

  • It looks out for burst pipelines, released Camlocs, blocked hydrants or nozzles, irrigators that haven't moved, uncoupled hoses, excessive pressures.
  • It lets you start the pump from the paddock. It tells you why the pump was stopped and the help file tells you the cause to go looking for.
  • It protects plant and equipment against damage such as dry running or over pressure

  • It uses rugged industrial components to ensure trouble free operation

  • It can control multiple progressive cavity pumps to provide fast and efficient irrigation of effluent when the pasture is ready for it

  • It has a simple-to-use status and alarm display in the cowshed with plain English 'help' information about any stoppages

  • Optional cellphone start from the paddock to verify the irrigator's operation before leaving the paddock

  • Can manage other FDE functions such as transfer pumping, stone trap agitator, pond mixer operations

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Designed & Manufactured in New ZealandContact Spitfire: 04 586