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Stuart Reid

B.E. (Mech); NZCE (Mech)                                                  

Managing Director


"About ten years ago, it dawned on me that effluent management systems were primitive. Since then our efforts have focussed on introducing creative technology to make the job simpler, “safer” and better suited to productive, sustainable farming. I have drawn on my professional mechanical engineering skills to achieve these goals. More importantly, perhaps, these strengths have been used to initiate, establish and maintain your industry's Farm Dairy Effluent Standards and Code of Practice."





Through the Years...


Stuart Reid started his career in his teens working alongside his father at Reid and Harrison, developing “Yardmaster” pumps and did engineering drawings for the developing designs and ran performance tests.

During the 1970s Stuart completed an engineering degree at The University of Canterbury and was the design engineer for the Gear Meat Company. He was responsible for the design and installation of mechanical handling, processing and pumping plant.  During these years he also completed a New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.

In the 1980s, Stuart was responsible for the development of the NUMEDIC range of drenching systems and effluent pumps. Subsequently, most of the computer controlled screen cleaning machines on the Waikato River have come from Stuart's Petone based company.


Over the last ten years he has striven to create 21st century equipment for turning effluent into a genuine grass production system by using totally mixed storage ponds, irrigators with many “safety” and productivity features, and fully controlled effluent pumping stations.


The montage below shows images of work and equipment designed by Stuart









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