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Spitfire Radial Arm Jet Mixer
Spitfire Radial Arm Jet Mixer
Spitfire Effluent Manager
Spitfire Effluent Manager
Spitfire Intelligent Irrigator
Spitfire Intelligent Irrigator


"...believe me,  dilute,  well-mixed effluent,  spread properly,


  grows better grass..."



The Spitfire-Revolution Farm Dairy Effluent System

Just one circular pond...

...thoroughly and automatically mixed by powerful underwater jets driving a rotating nozzle arm...

Irrigate the slowly chopped solids and the liquids all together at the right time and in the right quantities so that there are no other tasks and costs.

Ask about our NEW simpler, cheaper mixer for 2018 onwards..

You only wash and scrape the yards and then irrigate later when it's good to do so.

The irrigator does all the solids spreading. Clean sand is "cycloned" out of the mix

No tractor pumping or stirring (frees up costly equipment). Reduces wear and tear.

No islands of solids or sludge remain behind in the pond to reduce pond volume.

Low energy costs. (15 kW stirs the 10 000m3 pond ). 7.5 kW for irrigation to high heads

Same strength of mixture always sent to the irrigator (no "clear" then "black" liquid)

The irrigator does the work of spreading the solids and sludges, uniformly, diluted.

Cell phone start of irrigation pump from anywhere

Automatic monitoring- Just like having another person on the farm dedicated to applying effluent responsibly. Irrigation is monitored for "no-motion", overpressure, hose breaks and disconnections, open hydrants.

The jet mixer pump output may be switched to either agitate the pond or floodwash any of three yards


Radial Arm Jet Mixer at rest. No crust, no propellers - solids and liquids thoroughly mixed

(Recent installation at Galatea, Bay of Plenty)

 588_IMAG0463     588_IMAG0481

  • No costly separating equipment
  • No solids storage bunkers
  • No solids spreading costs
  • No weeping walls
  • No separate sludge ponds
  • No punctured liners
  • No costly annual desludging charges
  • No shifting irrigators in the wet and cold
  • No panic if equipment breaks down
  • Uniform mixture applied at all times
  • No waste of nutrients or water
  • No added tasks or chores


Earlier 2014 Model - Radial Arm Jet Mixer- Galatea

(Uses 40 mm diameter jets down deep to mix the whole pond)





















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Why choose Spitfire?
Why choose Spitfire?
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