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New variable speed irrigator
New variable speed irrigator
02 Jul 2013
Now available: Our all-new variable speed irrigator. It is a single boom rotary type with special oval gearing. The purpose of this is to speed up and slow down the rotor twice during each rotation. This means that where traditional irrigators apply heavily at the edges of the run and lightly in the middle, we have now installed a mechanism to overcome this deficiency. Water and effluent spreading  is greatly improved without the loss of any other performance and significant improvement in reliability.




Radial Arm Jet Mixer - World first!
23 Oct 2014
In about 10 days, we will be commissioning our new "Radial Arm Jet Mixer". This device uses liquid jets which travel over the bottom of the pond and scour the sludge, mixing it and aerating it as the Radial Arms rotates about the pond. Because the mixers are not fixed in one place, every little corner of the pond ins mixed. (Yes, we know circular ponds don't really have corners, but you know what we mean.)

The beauty of this invention is the absence of any propeller blades anywhere near the liner, and the big 8m3/minute pump attached to the centre column can be recovered and inspected even if the pond is full. What's more, you can walk out on the RAM Jet Mixer bridge and pull every nozzle up to the surface to check it. The nozzles on this Jet Mixer are 28 mm diameter but all liquid supplying the pump passes through a slow speed cutter with 8 mm wide slots, so they should NEVER block.

Watch this space...

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