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Spitfire products are created to be simple and efficient



The Spitfire system has been designed to put out effluent in a clean, quick and systematic manner, leaving no solids behind. The three main components make up an effective, integrated system.


  • The unique Radial Arm Jet Mixer works to create a fully homogeneous mixture of effluent. It traverses the whole pond using low energy

  • The Effluent Manager monitors the entire pumping operation and interacts with the irrigators. The Effluent Manager supplies security, control and feedback so that farmers can walk away knowing that effluent is being managed appropriately

  • The Intelligent Irrigator spreads liquids and solids simultaneously. It is electronically controlled and applies preselected, known amounts of liquid to the pasture. It spreads uniformly up to 50 metres & is shifted half as often.


These components work seamlessly together to form a highly effective integrated effluent management system.

Any individual component can be bought separately and function with various different mixers, irrigators, pods and tanks etc.

Our aim is to help you create a harmonious system that is unique to your farm requirements.


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spreads uniformly up to 50 metres & applies measured amounts of liquid. You shift it half as much and it is fitted with automated controls









Designed & Manufactured in New ZealandContact Spitfire: 04 586